Thursday, January 22, 2009

The air up there

I stood up today.

Relax. It was no miraculous Amahl moment. I was holding on to multiple bars in the shower and just stood there and looked around before I transferred back to my chair.

I stand a fair bit when you take into account transfers, but I rarely look around. I need to concentrate on the transfer.

The shower stall is short; standing up I almost am taller than it.

It is a nice view from up there, not that I am tall.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what's funny? Just yesterday I was saying to Mary that I thought is was funny how big your suit looked on N for the ball. She said is he short and I don't think he is. I then said that I always forget how tall you are. I remember standing next to you for some reason last year and thinking wow he is tall.

You are tall even if it is not in stature.


Anonymous said...

i can attest that we indeed speculated about your height and that your sweet little sister said you are tall. One of my favorite pix of you and her is the one from Debbie's wedding, which you 2 attended with me. you are stnaind next to one another and you look like you are laying down the law about something and she is laughing.

Matt said...

I don't understand. If I was laying down the law, why was laughing and not taking notes?

And what I remember about Debbie's wedding is that one of her friends there was an exotic dancer or model or something.

Anonymous said...

she was a hooter's waitress and she sometimes baby sat for our kids.

Matt said...

Just a Hooter's waitress. Man, what a downer. I had built her up in a Playmate practically.

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