Monday, January 12, 2009

It doesn't have to be Kobe beef

I have spent a lot of time these past few days, time when I could be writing, looking for all-natural beef dog food. This was a suggestion from the holistic vet Claren and I saw recently because of Claren's itching.

I was ready to switch to a more natural food than I am feeding now before I went, and a friend had recommended one that would not break my little bank.

But that food was chicken. I am not really clear on the reasoning, but the vet said beef would be better because in Chinese medicine it was more "neutral."

I might have been prone to mock something that sounds kooky like that before I went to the vet, but having been I am pretty much wiling to give the vet the benefit of the doubt. Everyone at the office was quite kind, especially the vet. Now if only they would respond to the "Contact Us" form on their website.

I bought one beef food at the pet store. The main ingredients: beef, venison, bison and lamb. Needless to say, that one would break the bank.

I found three foods that would not be better than what I eat, but I wanted to see if the vet approved of any. She suggested two foods. One needed nightly rehydrating, which I had to rule out as being too complex even though part of their quality testing includes having people eat it. If I fed Claren suggestion No. 2, I'd need to buy a silver platter and a tuxedo to serve it: It was that expensive.

I wish the vet would get back to me. It would give me more time to stop surfing the web and find other excuses not to write.

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