Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am not all that

I have not used my manual chair regularly since last spring, so I was horrified when I used it to go over to my sister's Saturday for a little Wii. I could not use the seat belt; I had gained too much weight.

I am way under the normal average weight for my size, but I like being light and smallish. I think it's why I hurt less when I fall; I know it is easier to pick me up.

I couldn't imagine what it would take to add inches to my waist in less than six months? What the heck was I eating? It's bad enough that one of my size 32 pants no longer fits. This is bad because I wear 32-32, but now I am getting wider than I am tall and need like 33-32s.

I looked to see if I could lengthen the belt, and imagine my delight when I saw the belt was stuck behind a bar.

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