Saturday, January 17, 2009

Malaise to Matt: Suck it!

I still am suffering from my malaise, which shows no sign of dissipating. The rotten news keeps coming. My sister-in-law is still not better. I have to choose a week this quarter to be furloughed. Claren is still itchy. It is really cold.

Surprisingly, that last one bothers me less than normal after my Christmas present from my sister and her family: apres ski boots. They are super-bulky but really keep my feet warm. Or it could be the sauna-like temperatures at Mom and Dad's since they got a new furnace. It is awesome.

This malaise seems to have plopped its big old butt right next to me, downwind of Claren who would totally bite it if she noticed it. Or maybe it is riding in my wheelchair bag. It is here and going nowhere, and it is hard to write, read, anything. As soon as one thing good happens, 10 bad ones do or at least seem to.

My niece and nephew are part of the good things that happen but my niece keeps getting the vapors. At least I hope it is the vapors because she was sitting on my lap earlier today.

A friend of mine and I have a running joke with almost any story we see. They can almost always be summed up in this form: So-and-so to so-and-so: Suck it! As an example, as stocks have been tumbling, we came up with: Stocks to investors: Suck it! Another example: Consumers to automakers: Suck it! You get the idea. And I think if I am going to do anything besides reading comics for the next several months, I am afraid I need to break out a straw and start sucking.


Anonymous said...

How about Matt to Malaise: Suck it!

We are all having a bit of the vapors at the moment. Let's all think of all mom's little sayings at times like this. I have one on my signature. Tony told me he didn't want to hear any crap about the damn bird with his feet in the air. Mary told me I heard a bird sing blah blah blah.
Good thing we have each other.

Matt said...

i would never use such language. I might kindly ask the malaise to leave me alone if it was possible and not too much of an inconvenience.

Anonymous said...



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