Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I lost my house and pants

The foundations of Stately Matt Manor flopped down around my ankles last night just like my pants did a few hours ago when I did a little walking on the ramp to Mom and Dad's.

As far as the pants debacle, which really happened, Mom says it proves I am not fat and only need pants with a bigger waist than length because I am stuck in a chair. Personally, I am just happy all the police in the area this afternoon were concerned only with our kooky old ex-con neighbor, not a flasher. Not concerned enough to take him away, though. I guess they need a battalion just to have a chat.

As far as the foundation flopping, let's be fair: It's not like it was stable to begin with.

I got an email from a stranger who also has Friedreich's ataxia and who got the name of my horse-riding blog from a U.S. para-equestrian.

The gal sent me her blog and as I started reading, the walls upon which I have built my life began swaying in heavy winds.

It quickly becomes clear in reading her blog that she has friends. I have used my disability as the reason that if something really bad happened tonight, the only people I could call for comfort are family members.

Apparently, though, it is not a valid reason. This sucks.


Anonymous said...

Matt, when your family is as spectacular as yours...
I am sorry you are sad, though, and it seems she has more mobility than you anyway so proabably less exhaustion. I can rationalize just about anything, but the bottom line is that anyone who is your friend is one very lucky person.

Matt said...

The family thing is one reason I never made friends to start with

Lynne said...

Matt...believe have friends, and I can think of 4 one of which is me. Wheel chair or would be my friend. We just happned to meet at LMU, but that friend connection went much deeper for me because I saw what was inside you...just wish I could talk with you more. I have missed so much the last 2 1/2 years being down here in bum f@#k GA. Missed watching you ride, missed being your friend and hanging out with our Spirit gang.

I am enjoying your "The good kind of bitter" blogg...just started reading it this morning. You are such a funny and interesting guy with so much to share. Don't ever stop have made my day...I know your life is hard, but you are teaching others to appreciate things that we take for granted. I wish I could write as well as you. I have a hard time expressing myself in writing..didn't get all that good education that you did. Two years of college and lots of life experience...doesn't really make for a good wordsmith. I'll just write off the cuff, and hopefully you can read between the lines, and know that I want to communicate with you, and learn life lessons from you...even if I'm an old lady. I hope your day is a good one. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Talk to you very soon.

Matt said...

Thanks, Lynne. Writing keeps me sane, sort of.

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