Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stranger in the same land

It hit me on Saturday as I was out in the Back Lot playing with Claren: We were trespassing.

Mom and her brothers sold most of the land in a deal that closed a few weeks ago. The land that did not sell has lots of trees and shrubs so it is not as friendly to wheelchairs and dogs that eat poop. (Well, it is really friendly to the poop eater in that she often finds a snack; it is not friendly to those that have to deal with her.)

Gram died more than three years ago, so it is time the land sold. And rest of the Back Lot is where we will build our house, my little sister, her family and I. It will be great, for sure.

But it is not built yet, or started, and I just feel like a trespasser.


Anonymous said...

This made me want to cry. The land being sold means that I need to come out of denial about it. I guess I just always thought it would stay there, undeveloped, forever.


Matt said...


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