Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Genghis Matt

A brief Springsteen interlude: One of my doctors proposed a solution to a problem and said if it works, we could get it written up in The Journal of Irreproducible Results, a gag science magazine.

Now how am I supposed to feel? She was serious: Both about the potential solution and publication in the magazine.

I told my doctor I was no longer riding horses because my teacher no longer felt I was safe (I still wish my teacher had asked me but ...). The doctor's idea: a Mongolian saddle, you know the ones you see in museums in exhibits about Genghis Khan. The saddles have real high rears and fronts. My doctor suggested we then wrap rope around it. I couldn't fall out, then. She said a trunk brace was little more than armor, although she was not sure about my theory that knights were just Friedreich's patients.

It was my last appointment with this doctor; she is retiring to go camping and hiking. I am going to miss her and her schemes.

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