Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Matty and the Dog

When Prokofiev decides to remake Peter and the Wolf as a killer new story titled Matty and the Dog, I am not certain what instrument will play me.

Today, though, I would need all the instruments in an orchestra to come surging forth at once to create a one-time only (I hope) situation that left pee on the floor of the elevator area on the third floor at work. Dog pee, so everyone can breath a sigh of relief both that I did not pee at work and that I won't be talking my evacuation system. Not much anyway.

A flourishing piano would represent my vet, who put Claren on a course of Temporal P for her itching. It does help, a lot, but it makes Claren drink a ton, which makes her need to pee frequently.

Perhaps, a jolly whistle would start next. A friend who always has a million meetings found some free time to get outside with me and Claren for a walk at lunch. Unfortunately, we left at 11:30, a little earlier than usual for Claren's midday constitutional.

Claren came back from the walk and had two big drinks of water. I would like to say I didn't notice, but clearly I did. Maybe since I am hard of hearing, I just did not hear the swelling music. It would get louder; I did not notice.

Then, a while after lunch would come the rum-tum-tums of my stomach. I have been shuttling back and forth between schedules for a few weeks and I am all right, just not real good in the stomach area. This is probably no different for anyone, but I am willing to bet it is more of a pain for me to get to a bathroom. It also means Claren's full bladder gets jostled around as she walks back and forth from the bathroom.

I am not sure there is an instrument in the orchestra that could be the fire alarm that went off when I was in the bathroom. I was just washing my hands so it wasn't that bad, but since I am in a chair, I can't go out. I just wait in a stairwell, and by the time I got to the stairwell, everyone one had already passed by. And that cost me a chance to send Claren out with one of my friends.

After the drill finally ended, Claren was a mix of plaintive horn with her big eyes pleading with me to go out -- I said "soon" -- and goofy kazoo, running around when we finally left.

But I had to go the bathroom and went, ignoring that Claren stood at the door to the bathroom, not following me to the stall as she always does.

We made it to the elevators, and she just squatted down and peed. She did stop when I said DON'T, but that made things worse. I then had a dog with a half-full bladder and pee on the floor and no one around.

The entire orchestra would be playing a dirge or something now as I hopped on the elevator, got outside as quick as I could and let Claren run alone to the grass. While she was peeing Dad was driving up, so I left Claren with him and went back in. I just told the guard at the front desk who told me they'd clean it up but was so blase about it I am honestly not sure.

I am worried that this blog that is very anti-company is going to report that morale is so bad workers are peeing in the halls.

Matty and the Dog is going to be an interesting piece of music.

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