Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rolling Drizzle

Around the time my 4-year-old nephew was born, my sister, his mom, bought two versions of the stuffed animal that became his thing to sleep with, carry around, etc. I guess my sister figured that if one ever got lost, stolen or nastified, she could swap in the duplicate. She probably had the idea because she was never able to find an exact copy of her oldest child's Bear Bear.

But my nephew's Blue has never been lost and has been too nastified that a wash did not fix him.

Blue has never been stolen either, despite my best efforts. I tell my nephew I need Blue for work, or to keep away my bad dreams or whatever. He never gives in ... until today.

He came over with Blue and handed him to me. "You're giving me Blue?" I asked. "It's not Blue; it just looks like him. Mom picked it up. Now we can both have one."

Then he had a granola bar and left.

I felt bad that my sister had actually bought me a stuffed animal -- if people are going to buy me things, I want them to count. But I later learned that he saw Blue 2 as I will call him under my sister's bed, where it has been for years. After getting him out, my nephew told his mom "I better take this over to Uncle Matt."

Now what do I do with Blue 2?

He currently is riding on the back of my chair as you can see. Mom said it would be like the Rolling Thunder guys who have teddy bears on their bikes like this.

I suppose it is although Blue 2 is not as manly as the sarge there and my chair is nowhere near as manly as a motorcycle. They have earth-rumbling roars when they gun their engines. I have a wee little click when I start. The only one who moves when she hears it is Claren because she knows I am likely to run over her because I am a bad driver.

I could leave him in my bed, though my nephew sees my bed all the time and would ask why.

I could put him in my cubicle at work.

Or I could leave him on my chair. It would be a conversation starter, that's for sure, unless people find it weird and off-putting, and stay away from me.

Where should Blue 2 live?


Anonymous said...

i just noticed you are wearing the shirt I gave you for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk Jude...don't you remember it is all about Matt? ;)

Matt Trott said...

All about me is right, even if my little sister's friend came away from the blog thinking Mom is all that. What's that about? Not, Bot that cat Matt he's a bad motherf...Watchyourmouth.

Anonymous said...

By the way...Matt did take Blue 2 to work on the back of his chair today. That in a nutshell is why I love him as do my babies!

Matt Trott said...

He went to work Tuesday, too.

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