Saturday, June 13, 2009

Should have stayed in bed

I was lying in bed this morning thinking how hard every little thing is and how nice it would be to just stay in bed forever. But as I have said before, Claren would not like that. Plus, Mom and Dad would probably give me grief. And it was 11.

So I got up, and then I almost died.

I made it to the family room and was looking out the front window. I wasn't wearing my seat belt because I was on my way to the bathroom. My peripheral vision must not have woken up yet because my brother-in-law walked right past me and I didn't see him. Not that he is ninja-stealthy: He was wearing a red Capitals T-shirt. I totally just didn't see him.

Until he walked past me again on the way out.

I heard him first. "Morning, Matty" or something.

I would like to say I leaped out of my chair to confront the scoundrel who was scaring me. But I don't leap. Not a part of body knows how to leap anymore and if I did somehow manage a leap, you can be sure that my legs could not stick the landing. Not to mention that saying good morning is not really scoundrel-ish.

More like I crumpled out of my chair as the innocent bystander looks on.

In his defense and to the credit of his reflexes, my brother-in-law did almost catch me.

He wants it known that I was laughing before I hit the floor and he is probably right.

I wasn't hurt too bad and I didn't want him to feel guilty for almost killing his brother-in-law.

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