Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hurry up and get well

Mom said her current hospitalization was not to be fodder for good bitter. If she meant that, she ought not to have stayed at the hospital an extra day, which may have provided her with a good, needed rest, but more importantly it has boosted my worrying about her.

I mean, first she tells me it is a minor thing in an area boys and their mothers do not discuss. Then I learn that it is 3.5-hour thing, minor or not. Not she is still in the hospital, going on two whole days. I swear. Moms are trouble.


Anonymous said...

She's going to let you have it when she gets home.


Anonymous said...

Love is trouble. That's the trouble. -- Ellen

Matt Trott said...

I am not scared off her. Now she is going to have to learn what it is like to accept help. And I was worried Ellen would yell at me for writing about Mom. I don't want to mess with her during flu season

Anonymous said...

Good plan. -- Ellen

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