Saturday, October 31, 2009

Long-legged, lanky people need not apply

I don't like to sound prejudiced, but I have decided I can't be friends with any tall people.

I was riding the elevator down to lunch with a co-worker who could, I think, step in for Jim from The Office and no one would notice. He not only looks like him but also has Jim's height.

On the elevator, I was able to pick up some of the conversation because it was just the two of us in a small elevator, but he kept talking on the way to the cafeteria. I just kept grunting in acknowledgement, hoping I wasn't agreeing to wear a puffy shirt or something.

I guess to be fair and logical, I need to come up with a cut-off height. Then I get a cardboard cutout of the Atom holding a ruler and saying: "You must be this short to be Matt's friend ... or you can duck when talking to him."


Anonymous said...

you better be careful. You have some tall immediate family members and nieces and nephews. Unless you plan to have a "family exception." I won't get graphic, but I seem to be eye level with most guys no matter what height with a certain point of their anatomy. Rather humorous I think.

Anonymous said...

OMG crack me up. I can't wait to see Matt's response to this.

Anonymous said...

Matt's told me once that he was going to title his autobiography "Yes, Your Butt Does Look Big from Here."

Matt Trott said...

That is indeed one of the working titles to my autobiography. And wait a minute: sdt and I are probably at a similar head height, but I don't stare into that. So what's with that?

And yes, there are exceptions. I would totally be friends with Apache Chief.

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