Sunday, October 4, 2009

Of course I am lame, why else would I use a wheelchair?

My swimming teacher called me lame today and it wasn't because I almost drowned or almost mooned a volunteer.

To be fair, she called getting my parents to drive me everywhere lame, and I suppose it is as I am 38. But I have decided that as long as they are willing, I will get a ride. It is miles better than the para-transit service, which is my other option. Anyway, I got bigger worries than getting my parents to drive me places, like you know, my actual lameness. (I don't mind her calling it lame really. She makes me laugh)

I almost made a really big splash as I was getting into the pool. I float over the water wheelchair usually, but my suit snagged on it. It came free fast but I felt water right against places my suit should be. I quickly pulled it up.

I had a big swimming day. I did eight lengths of the pool using my legs only, kind of frog kicking and bicycle kicking. Then I did six doing arms and legs. The hardest thing there is I keep whacking the other people in the lane. We stay in lane 1 so the teacher can watch us but so do other folks. It is full.

The last two lengths were without the floatation belt. I did a lot of floating on my own and worked to keep my belly full of air and floating.

My little sister can testify to this. She drove me and was sitting there when the teacher started yelling at her to "come here. " She did and saw up close I was floating.

To end the lesson, I went under water facing a volunteer, then I let my legs float up. I did it once, although water went up my nose. I said I could do it again – my teacher did ask if I could. I started fine, but my head dipped under too fast, before I was ready, so I popped back up but then rolled and went under not on purpose. After that we decided I was done.

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