Monday, October 5, 2009

One big safety violation

My 4-year-old nephew yells "safety violation" whenever he sees my sister, his mom, riding his scooter without a protective helmet. In fact, she told me, he actually ran in front of the scooter to stop her last time.

When my 20-year-old was young,  it was seat belts. "Safety first," he'd announce when he got in a car. "Buckle up for safety," he'd say, and his parents always did.

I am a longtime believer in buckling up for safety. One of the last trips to the emergency room was because unbuckled,  I reached forward to get a cup off the floor and kept going until I hit the floor. Good times.

Now I buckle up everywhere, but lately it hasn't mattered.

For the second time recently, my seat belt came undone somehow and I did not know until I leaned forward expecting to be held safely in place-- only to bash into something, this time the back door.

I hollered for Mom and was about to get back in my chair myself when she came down and helped me.

I still don't know what happened but if I don't get my seat belt straightened out, I may need to start wearing a helmet.

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