Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why is Neighborhood Watch stalking me?

I am working late this week and next, so I just got back from my walk around the block with Claren. While out, I was stalked by a white car with a magnet on the side that said Neighborhood Watch.

OK, "stalked" may be too strong, but they drove past me really slowly twice, and I have lived here off and one for most of my life but have never seen a Neighborhood Watch patrol car.

I was on the sidewalk letting Claren the Wonder Dog relieve herself the first time they drove past, and part of me thinks they just drove by again to make sure I picked up after her.

This would be a horrible abuse of power if true, but I can't really figure out why else they drove past us slowly again.

I mean if they were worried I was a burglar, they are kind of morons. How many burglars have red flashing lights on several parts of their bodies? Let alone the wheelchair.

Actually, if they thought a wheelchair user was a burglar, it would show a remarkable lack of stereotyping, so maybe I should praise them for that.

Nah, they were just morons.


Anonymous said...

If they are cruising to make sure people pick up after their dogs, then I applaud them. That is totally how I would use my Neighborhood Watch power. I sometimes do that even though I'm not on a neighborhood watch.

Matt Trott said...

I forgot I was related to a poop Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a chick and she thought you were cute. -- Ellen

Matt Trott said...

OK, so on the second trip she decided I was not all that, then, and kept going? Geez. Or wait, maybe she saw me the second time, was enchanted by my boyish good looks, decided I was too good for her and drove on. Now I have lost her ... until she reads this blog and sends me an e-mail, which leads to a passionate romance. Thanks, Ellen!

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