Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bruce Springsteen on PT requires diversions into God, politeness

Today was my last PT appointment. I think it is because I am in peak physical condition.

As an example of my fine fettle, consider one of my new exercises: It is called toe raises. With my heels flat on the floor I am supposed to raise up the front of one foot then the other. It is really freaking hard. It is embarrassing enough to make me wish I were blind so I couldn't see other people looking at me. Almost ...

My balance when I am sitting seems to have been a happy surprise to Julie, my PT. I suspect it is good because I am a former pony boy, or para-Equestrian dressage rider. I also sit up straight and don't use a back support sometimes when I am watching TV. Usually I have to be in my chair to do it and there has to be a show I want to watch. I can't be surfing through 57 channels.

I also did a little standing at the appointment, and Julie wrote down on my exercise sheet daily standing at a sink. It feels so good to be my own two feet. I have crossed my heart and promised that I would not become a jerk if I could walk. This is the real world, though, and I need to stop counting on a miracle.

I can't help it, though. God has been part of my life for as long as I remember. Even if my soul went walkin', I stayed here, right near my God. Even if I can't believe right now, my very being, my soul driver, if you will, counts on God to care for me. I just do not at all see how God's care could not include good health. His son did not have good health, I realize, but wasn't Jesus suppose to change things?

I know that being in a chair does not make me less of a real man. But who would it hurt if I were completely able? I guess if everyone were cured, Julie would have to find a new job. She'd probably dislike that because she is a good therapist. That, of course, is an "all or nothing at all" view. Maybe only cool people could be healed. Again, though, that would be unfair to Julie because then she'd have to work with jerks. But I don't like this roll of the dice system we have now.

After standing, I looked backward. My chair was where I left it, so I just sort of flopped into it. In Julia's eyes that was not cool. You should reach one hand back to make sure the chair is where you left it, she said. I thought about replying: "That ain't the way I roll, sister," but instead I just agreed. When someone is a great help to you, it is a man's job not to be rude. A woman's, too.

Yikes! There are a few stretches here, but I was trying to reference all the song on Springsteen's Human Touch. See last post's comments. What I found is that it is hard to talk about Springsteen songs without talking about God.


Anonymous said...

wondering if you saw the Kennedy Center honors on Tuesday night. the tribute to Springsteen was amazing. Especially Sting doing The Rising. Now that is a dual concert that I would love to see.

Anonymous said...

actually , Matt, it is hard to talk about you without talking about God.

Matt Trott said...

I missed the show, heard it was awesome.

Patrick said...

I love it. Completely exceeds my personal expectations of both quality and speed. Do we, and by we I mean you, dare approach the rest of the catalog?

Matt Trott said...

oh man, I am not doing the River.

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