Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Dark is Rising

Every time it snows more than a few inches, I need to read Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising. Well, really I just want to climb under the covers until June, or May at least, but the book i a little more doable.

The book is part of a wonderful series of children's book full of Arthurian and Welsh legends. It takes place around Christmas, but the reason it is my must-read on snowy days is that the bad guys stir up an awful snowstorm. Just about everyone in the town has moved to a giant mansion to conserve warmth and just help each other through it. But the dark and its cold keep coming. Snow falls down the chimney and the fires go out. The snow is so oppressive.

But then the good guys strike back! The cold breaks, and the snow turns to rain.

I wish there were good guys who could alter weather like that in real life. I know everyone feels snowbound with storms like this. I just wish I could do something, anything to free myself, like shoveling. I feel so powerless, and the worst part is that my books are in storage, so I can't even read my book.

I really need the tank chair.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Yesterday was very nice but today I feel trapped! The curb cuts will probably be blocked until spring.

Matt Trott said...

if I was still in Herndon, I probably would not get to the road till the snow melted.

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