Sunday, December 13, 2009

Matt or Tiger Woods: Who is the real cripple?

The attack atheist I used to work with was also very anti-politically correct. He wanted to know why he could not refer to me as crippled because it was clear that my legs didn't work normally.

I remember telling him that, in fact, my sisters did call me “crippled,” which another person heard causing her to cry out: No!

I had to explain that they did it as a joke, then I had to explain to him that being called “crippled” for real was pretty mean and that it was pretty arbitrary. How did you define normal? I am smarter than some people, I told him. Does that make them mentally crippled?

I am sure he didn't buy it, but I have been thinking about it lately with regard to knucklehead Tiger Woods.

I clearly have more common sense than he of the many, many affairs, alleged. I win hands down on integrity, too. I don't know for sure either, but I bet I could take him in a math test.

It seems to me that this superstar athlete is the real cripple here, what with below-average common sense, integrity, maybe math.

What kills me especially (other than that he was allegedly cheating on a really attractive woman):

Here I am struggling to put together life, a full-time job and exercise, which leaves my legs aching and tired and thus more unreliable than they already are. I can't quit my job to work on my issues. I'd starve.

But he can and did (at least for a while) quit his full-time job to work on his issues, which are his own fault. As far as I know, there is no genetic disease that makes you cheat ... a lot. People are even praising him (“Tiger Woods' golf hiatus is a good first step,” reads one headline).

Where are the newspaper articles about me and all the other supposedly “crippled” people who work every day and deal with their disabilities as best they can? Those who don't have the luxury of quitting their jobs to learn how to be a better person or whatever we need to learn?

A friend accuses me of always trying to get my picture on the front page of our newspaper website. I am much more deserving than Tiger Woods.

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