Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time to be serious

Apparently, I have nice abdominal muscle control.

I know all the ladies out there are swooning and fanning themselves with handkerchiefs, but that is what my physical therapist said today.

Of course, we should probably take it with a grain of salt. She said it because it took me like 30 seconds to sit up from a lying-down position And as soon as she said it I chuckled a little and almost fell off the mat.

I had another good PT session. A friend told me that she always felt better just having the therapists exercise her muscles for her. Mine don't do that, but I like going, I suspect, because of the Human Touch thing. Just by resting a hand on my leg, the therapist helps my nerves calm down enough to do the exercise. Today, for instance, I rode a stationary bike, and the therapist was able to hold my right heel so it did not hit the pedal.

She probably won't come over and hold my heel whenever I want to ride my trike, but I am far away from restarting my own riding, I fear. After five minutes of rhythmless pedaling, we stopped and she said: You had a good minute and a half there of pedaling. She was being generous.

I did, however, show not just my ab muscle control but also my skills sitting without holding on to anything. Not that I am going to do it for fun and again, when she praised me I laughed it off, which caused me to lose balance and nearly fall.

I need to be less jovial.


Patrick said...

Glad to hear the session was good. I think this could be a theme -- PT as tied to each song of the HT album. I want to see how you work in catfish and Rambo.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear it was a good session. Keep it going!

Matt Trott said...

PT really is all about the Human Touch, and so I accept your challenge. Today was my last appointment so I will see if I can reference every HT song in one post.


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