Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here's a good idea, God

I suspect I have written this before, but: If I were God, people who struggle with disabilities would get a pass on all other illnesses.

For instance, if you have ... say Friedreich's ataxia, then you do not suffer from colds or nasal allergy symptoms.

It's a cool idea, obviously, because that's the way I'd roll if I were God. But judging from my experiences while sniffling and coughing, it would also be a real time saver for the deity who always hopes to be "right on time."

If I had a nickel for every time, I cursed or prayed or both when my head flew into my computer screen or my little body was convulsed with flemmy coughs, I'd be rich and God would be busy listening to my prayers.

It's a win-win for all of us; I don't see how God has not done it before.


jess said...

i think that's perfectly reasonable. then again, there's lots of stuff that i think is reasonable that God just hasn't gotten on board with. go figure.

Anonymous said...

sounds like one heck of a week. So sorry. Think of something to reward yourself for just surviving it. Because sometimes it is just about survival.

Matt Trott said...

I am just tossing the suggestions out there, jess, in case God wants to be cool.

And ebay has been making the end of winter more than survival definitely.

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