Sunday, June 20, 2010

I like comfy

Whenever a vacation is over, I always think of the check-out woman at the Greensboro airport garage in North Carolina.

I was still driving then and she got to recognize me from my trips out of the long-term parking lot. She would always ask if I had a nice vacation and I would say yes and ask her when she was taking a vacation. She always said never, because she hated going back to work so much after a vacation.

I go back to work Monday after a week of relaxing, and I know all too well what she meant.

It's not even going to be a normal week. One of my very good friends told me on Friday that he was leaving for another job. Then he posted it on Facebook and his blog so I knew he wasn't fooling. Friday is his last day.

He has been someone I trust to advance the storytelling ideas beyond what we do now, beyond what people are comfortable doing, and he is good at doing that. Plus, he likes Springsteen.

He is leaving for the right reasons -- to continue challenging himself and to keep pushing himself -- so I can't get mad at him.

I did tell him, though, that one reason I am not looking for a new job is that I am quite comfy in my current one. That doesn't mean it is easy or that I phone it in or that I mind trying something new. it just means that I have so many things pushing and challenging me.

For instance, I want a new manual wheelchair so I looked for an in-network provider. None, at least within 100 miles. I got the plan descriptions from our HR department, and it turns out that hardly matters. I am going to be out a lot of money if I get a new chair. Insurance covers 80% after meeting the deductible, $1250 for in-network, $2500 for out. I hate insurers.

And being comfy means that I can just be me -- the slightly odd assistant money editor who knows far too much about superheroes.


M.G.H. said...

"slightly odd" (strikethrough) "the really awesome" ... ah, much better. :)

Matt Trott said...

Thanks, but how about, Really awesome and slightly odd?

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