Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's ride

The only bad part of the debriefing during the ride home from last night's barbecue was that I got dropped off first, meaning my friends were then able to debrief about their odd friend Matt.

The barbecue at another friend's house was nice. It is always a plus to be out with good people. It was too noisy for me to hear much and I said less, unless someone talked to me directly.

During the ride-home debriefing, one friend mentioned how quiet I was. I know, I know. I hate it, but I always have been quiet. In grad school, someone told me how I never talk but when I do everyone listens because they knew it would be intelligent. I had them snowed!

Add in the hard of hearing crap, and I really zip up. Even when I can follow conversations enough to say something, it is hard to know what has already been said, and I don't want to be a bore.

We were squeezed on to a deck so I could not move around, but it did not matter because several people helped me get food. Awesome!

The ride home was about the perfect setting for me to hear: two people, windows up, air on, lots of traffic so it was slow. Now if I only knew what they said about me.


Anonymous said...

We definitely did gab about you --- about how awesome Claren, I mean, you are!

M.G.H. said...

We talked about what kind of animal I'd be. :)

Matt Trott said...

I was hoping you all had decided what animal I was. I have been trying to decide on my own.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Matt. Should you leave that question just hanging out there in the comments section? I'm pretty sure people will chime in with suggestions.

Matt Trott said...

I am trusting. Plus, my idea was a turtle but I don't have a real hard shell so that would mean a turtle without a shell. Despite what I have learned from cartoons I think that is a dead turtle. So can it get worse?

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