Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who cares if it is broken, it looks good?

It doesn't work, but I am wearing my Superfriends watch again.

My arm looked a little naked without it, for one thing.

Mostly, though, I just missed looking at the Superfriends. Did they ever fail? No, and they had to put up with the Wonder Dorks and space monkey Gleek.

I needed the watch today because we had meetings about an impending reorganization. It sounds OK, but we'll see. It is also weird to hear people you remember being hired take executive spots. NOT that they don't deserve it. I just wonder if I didn't have the obstacles I have ...

I could buy a new watch. When I got it from Amazon, I had to buy a book to get free shipping, so I know it wasn't expensive. But it gets bashed on every grab bar I use. When I put my hands on a counter, it gets mashed. Honestly, I was surprised it didn't break earlier.

But I don't need the time. I need the Superfriends.

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