Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not accessible

A friend invited me to her house-warming party this weekend. It is way out there -- near where my oldest uncle lives -- but I procured a ride. I was set, even though I'd have to get lugged up some stairs.

Then I asked about bathrooms. You probably won't fit, I was told. Dang.

I'm not going.

I do NOT blame my friend or her house. It just really sucks to have to ask questions like that, to be unable to take anything for granted.


Anonymous said...

i'm searching for funny or at least pithy or somehow friendly and supportive, but all i'm coming up with is, 'man, that really sucks.' i say go and pee on the porch.

Anonymous said...

Damn Matt...I know it's not a solution to not being able to go where you want, whenever the hell you want...but at the DTs the door is always open and you/we can become the place to get together.

Or you could make like your metro access driver and pee in a cup.

Matt Trott said...

Yeah, it is a new house so I'd feel guilty about peeing on the porch.

Maybe I can become real rich and hire a guy like the French aristocrats did in History of the World.

jess said...

Hey, if P-Diddy can have a PUH, you can have a piss boy. ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally understand. One of my closest colleagues at work recently moved and is talking about her housewarming party. It is not even an option for me to go because I have seen pictures of her beautiful house and there is no way that I can get in. And, I've taken to telling some of my best friends that I won't be joining them for the annual new years party so that they have the option of having it somewhere else at one of their homes because if they do have the party at a house I can't come. Totally stinks.


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