Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who was the upright man?

I was in my sister's yard this afternoon after work. Claren was studiously ignoring me while chewing her ball, so I decided to stand up using the picnic table as a brace.

My sister walked up after I was seated again and said she looked into her yard and saw someone standing in front of her picnic table and was pissed off that strangers were in her yard.

I thought she was going to say she was pissed off that soon after I stood, I leaned forward and did a face-plant on the table, with a loud CLONK.

She didn't know that until I told her, and she made sure to show Mom and Dad my bruised head.


Anonymous said...

Hold your horses!!!! I never said a word and if you were a better liar you totally could have put them off when the queries started. It's not my fault you are such a pillar of truth ;)

Anonymous said...

You need an exoskeleton.

Matt Trott said...

No, you did not say a word. As I wrote, you made srue they saw my bruised forehead

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