Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The wrong side of the door

Guess who just asked his struggling company, which is planning layoffs, to spend money on him?

That's right, this guy. And in perhaps a good sign as far as the layoffs go, my company is working on a solution.

We rented some unused office space to a tenant, which is good, and they are building a door to separate us and the tenant, which is fine.

But what is not good or fine is that the six-stall bathroom with an accessible door will be on the tenant's side of the locked door.

I will still have the small two-stall restroom, but folks already use the wheelchair stall there. (They use the wheelchair stall in the big bathroom, too, but rarely.)

I got the email about the building plans, and immediately replied to my boss, the sender and others that I need a backup restroom with an accessible door. I am sure it will be settled OK, but it is just something else to worry about.


Anonymous said...

OK...that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Do we need to sic someone on them? And while we are at it...what about the new post office? Every time I go in there the lack of automatic doors pisses me off.


jess said...

yeah, what she said. i'll come down there as back-up. i can kick em with my orthopedic boot and knock em over the head with a crutch.

but seriously, good on you for standing up for yourself, especially when you feared for your job. a lot of people wouldn't have it in them.

Anonymous said...

i think one solution might be to put a lock on the handicapped stall that only you have a key to.

Matt Trott said...

If I ever get to be an executive, I won't need a big salary or private plane. I would love a private restroom, however.

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