Thursday, December 9, 2010

My emergency warning system fails or does it?

Maybe my nephew was trying to get me back for suggesting that the Birthday Bird was going to leave stinky socks at the foot of his bed tomorrow. Or maybe he was mad I couldn't go bowling with him.

He came with Dad to pick me up from work, and we were talking about his birthday. We went through the presents, and we were talking about his party at the bowling alley. He said his friends were going to be there, his mom, his dad and ... "You!" he said. I had to break it to him that I wasn't going. He said OK, but maybe not.

I fell in the bathroom, not loudly or badly, but after several tries to get up, I was out of breath and decided to ask for help. I opened the door and asked my nephew to go get Dad for me.

He actually heard me and said OK. He was playing computer and he hardly ever hears anything else. And I saw him leave the room. And heard him call "Grampa Teddy, Uncle Matt needs your help."

He came back and I waited. And waited. And finally got tired of waiting and got up.

I am still not quite sure what my nephew did, but I asked Dad and he said he never heard him. I am thinking my nephew just wandered into the kitchen and hollered without seeing Dad.

But maybe he holds a grudge.


Ellen said...

And he wants me to marry him? I am 30+ years older than he is, I'll need someone more reliable.

Matt Trott said...

Good point. But he likes you so maybe he won't bloe off your needs.

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