Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Climbing is so fun!

This is my favorite pic because it looks
like I am doing something. The others
I am standing straight. (And note to
self: Don't wear black socks.) More
photos at end.
I achieved several firsts in our first rock climbing trip of 2011 on Friday. As usual we went to Earth Treks Rockville. It was just four of us, and a fifth friend to cheer us on, so I only had one helper. But:
  • I climbed four walls, one more than normal.
  • It felt like I was actually getting my legs in position, or at least helping. J still had to put my feet on the holds, but I think I was getting them in that general direction.
  • I even used both my legs once.
  • I also pulled myself up a little using just my arms, a climbing technique known as campusing. (More lingo. Seriously, how bad am I?)
  • I use a glasses strap, but I knocked my glasses off on one of my climbs, and they fell around my neck. But I finished the climb!

It was also the first time that I sweat so much I could feel it. But I didn't think that deserved a bullet point.

I brought my new manual wheelchair, which came apart and went back together fine. I did learn that it is really hard to push without being buckled in. (I tend to slide out.)

Someone said to my friend, he's been here a lot and he's getting better. Several people told me good job as we were leaving, too. I think I must be getting better, but mostly it is because in the morning I wasn't too sore.


M.G.H. said...

So awesome, Matt!! Keep up the great work (and posts)! :)

Anonymous said...

that is all

Danger Kitten said...

I kept thinking, man he looks like he's having a great time! Then I got to the photo where it looks like you're being goosed, and I thought, ah ha. :)

Kidding! I kid. Well done, young Skywalker.

Anonymous said...

awesome. you should put messages on the back pockets of your jeans to amuse those of us admiring your pictures :-)

Matt Trott said...

Thanks, MGH and mtc. I really like the messages on my jeans idea. And for the record, I did not notice any goosing when I was climbing. i saw the picture and used it because it made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Did you use your awesome new Christmas climbing chalk??

Anonymous said...

i left the jeans message

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