Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wake the neighbors!

I went climbing last night, but I'll wait to write about it till I get the photos. I will just tell you it was awesome and Claren carried my cellphone because the new chair does not yet have a good bag.

When I was in the shower this morning, I said to myself: Make sure you get your phone, you awesome dude you." But, of course, I forgot, so I found myself with Claren outside without a phone.

This would have been fine except somebody -- not me -- caught the alluring scent of poop and wandered behind the garage to check it out. I hurried back there to get her away from it, got there just in time to see her eat the lat of it and got stuck in the uneven ground back there.

Mom and Dad were out. I had not seen my sister or brother-in-law. I yelled at Claren to lie down, picked up ball and put it in my bag, and began to figure out my next steps.

I used my feet to push the chair backward but not quite far enough. Still stuck.

At this point Claren decided it was time to play again so she started barking at me, telling me to give her the damn ball.

The neighbor of the new house heard and poked his head out to ask if I needed help.

I told him I was stuck so he came out and got me free.

As he headed back to his house, he pet Claren and said, you did your job. He meant calling for help. I had to break it to him that it was her fault I got stuck.


Anonymous said...

Timmy's in the well!!

Matt Trott said...

See it was just like that if Lassie was the one to throw Timmy in the well in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lassie WAS the one to throw Timmy in the well in the first place. You know how they like to edit these things 'til the real context is gone.
Just watch out if Claren starts giving you menacing looks ...

;-) Melissa

Matt Trott said...

Good point, Melissa. We editors are an unsavory bunch.

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