Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You better not park there

When I was in college, I went with some guys to a Richmond Braves baseball game. We had good seats and it was a fun time.

I was still walking, but I had a handicapped parking pass, which I brought but forgot in the car when we got home.

The driver gave it back to me, although one of the guys bemoaned the loss because they could no longer get a great parking spot when returning to their apartment from playing basketball.

I am sure I chuckled and took it back, but I wish I had been strong enough and self-confident enough to tell them they shouldn't be doing that. In other words, I wish I had been like my northern-most niece.

Her mother told me that she went to a recent hockey practice and saw a teammate pull into a handicapped-parking spot. My niece saw it and made her move, saying simply you can't park there. (Well, considering my niece is a high school senior, it was probably not simple and it may have included more interesting language.)

Anyhow, the teammate moved. But that's not all.

A coach then pulled into the spot (they apparently need more parking at the ice rink). You better not park there, the teammate said, or Matt's niece (she may have used my niece's real name) will get after you.

Thanks, my niece!


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Ellen said...

This harkens back to previous discussions of the gifts you give to your family.

Matt Trott said...

Far be it from me to toot my own horn, but ...

Ellen said...

I'll do it! Toot, toot!

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