Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Manual wheelchair aches

The manual wheelchair experiment is going poorly.

I have been through two backs, two sets of wheels, other tweaks, but the main problem remains: I can't sit in it for a full day without developing a monster backache.

Making matters worse, the chair feels OK at first, so I can't know if the tweak the wheelchair company made will help. I need to go home and use it for a day to see if my back will suffer.

Today was particularly rotten because I had hopes for the lumbar support, but no luck. By lunch, my back and body hurt.

Two things kept the day from being a total loss. First, I must have been in awesome shape three years ago when I was using my manual chair most days. I was so tired today.

Even more uplifting, I was leaving and a friend asked if I wanted a push. Sure, and she then pushed me all the way to the car and out of my bad mood. Mostly.


Invacare wheelchairs said...

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Matt Trott said...

Thanks, Invacare. I am going to a seating clinic for advice next week.

Neil Dexter said...

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