Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Being a tough, yet sensitive, guy, much like Robert Parker's Spenser, I didn't really know how to deal with my near death today.

Sure, I joked about it at work, but when I got a chance to think about it, I was like: Holy Shirts and pants, I could have easily snapped my neck. I told Mom the story as we were leaving and she was quite for a while, so I asked if she was all right. Just trying not to throw up, she replied. That's still how I feel.

I went to the bathroom, and I guess my foot slipped a bit. I did not fall, but I headbanged the grab-bar at full speed. I took most of it on my left eyeglass, which snapped right out of the lens, which broke.

That's pretty much it. I am trying not to think about all the what ifs or the little pains or whether my eyesight is failing so I'll spare you.

I tried working without my glasses but I really can't see. After that I put some paper over the left lens so I could use my right eye. My left eye works fine. It was just impossible to use glasses without both lenses.

One of my friends thought I looked stupid so she made me this. You can hardly tell the difference, can you? I like my friends.


Anonymous said...

I love your friends too. I hate the what ifs. Don't do this sh*t while I am away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I still can't think about two things that the girls did when they were little. In fact right now I'm trying not to throw up over something that happened 10 years ago.
I'll have words with your guardian angel.

Anonymous said...

I do like the picture.

Matt Trott said...

Got my glasses today.New pair. For once,an extended warranty pays off

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