Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Almost there

I got some solutions to the manual wheelchair problem at a seating clinic today.

It seemed quite helpful. The PT put her hand down the back of the chair and then had me lean back. She realized that I am getting no back support till midway up my back. Not good.

We tried some lumbar supports, which did help. We also tried a wedge-shaped cushion -- lower in the back -- and that was a huge help. Mom was all proud because she had suggested a wedge cushion from the start. We also tested out a back that was a little taller and had a little more lateral support -- it really hugged me and helped keep me in place.

Now, the rehab place has to order the new hugging back and the cushion, and then I'll go get them.

But it seems like we finally have a handle on this thing.

I also may go back for some normal PT there. I liked the therapist, and she pointed out that it is a neuro-only rehab place so she has worked with people with Friedreich's ataxia before.

I am hoping to find something to strengthen my knees. Too often, when I transfer I lock my knees but when I unlock them, my knee gives out.

I have leg exercises I need to start doing regularly. I kind of put them off till I was in a new job in a new house. One is done and two will be soon, so no more delay.


Anonymous said...

great news. they seem good at mt. vernon.

Matt Trott said...

You, of course, got mentioned, too.

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