Saturday, August 13, 2011

Metro gets its kicks from just driving me down

I took the subway home from work Friday,and well, it was not too cool.

I rode an elevator down to the mezzanine to show to the station manager my para-transit pass, which allows free trips.

He just pointed to another elevator to get to my train so I hit the down button for the elevator and waited.

It came and as I was getting on, I heard it say "going down." Now I know I hear poorly, but I am 95% that is what it said.

Instead, though, it went up.

When it got to the street level, I said to the people waiting, "I'm going down." Knowing that I also don't always speak loudly and clearly, I also pointed down. Maybe they thought I was making a crude joke because they made no move to get on. One said, that's all right. I repeated myself. Finally, I said,don't you want to get on? And someone else said, Oh, are you going down?

We rode back to the mezzanine where they all got off. I continued to train level.

Once there, I had to get through the gates. Not easy. I pushed one side back, then the other. But when I pushed the second back, the first extended and blocked me. I eventually got stuck. One of the sides also knocked the cover off the joystick, which rolled off somewhere. I backed up and tried again, sort of got stuck, then made it through. I spotted the joystick and Claren grabbed it.

Now, I just had to wait for a train. It came fast, actually, and I realized I was too close to the rear of the station. The train drove right past me.

Another was due in a few minutes so I went to the front of the station, got on the train, got home easily.

But nothing is ever really easy.


Anonymous said...

now you finally get to join the ranks of complaining about Metro and the able-bodied people that use the elevator. You will get used to it. Just a hint, if you tell the station manager that you are Metro access they will remotely open the gate for you when you go down to the train level. Definitely they are used to it at Ballston.

Matt Trott said...

I did tell him! I wonder if he opened the gates, but since I had been abducted by the elevator, I missed the opening.

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