Friday, August 5, 2011

Not as smart as I think I am

I got two jobs today at work. The first one I didn't do for a long time because of a misunderstanding. The second one was a total failure.

All I had to do was post something on the website using their Content Entry (not Management) System. It looked easy. I played around with it earlier in the week, but I hadn't published anything or tried to. Until today.

I hit publish and got one error. I fixed it and published again. My fix caused another error. I fixed it and published again. Another error! This one I could not fix. No one who could help was around either. Eventually, someone else posted it, but I am still mad I couldn't.


Anonymous said...

At least the whole server didn't crash ala The Winston-Salem Journal!

Anonymous said...

no worries. transition takes time.

Matt Trott said...

Did the server really crash in my first week?

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