Monday, September 26, 2011

Stupid radiator

When I die, I am thinking bout donating my body to science because I really want to know how many bones I have broken in my body.

My right big toe might be the latest addition to the list, which already likely includes my nose, various ribs, my hip and maybe my coccyx.

Strength is not an issue for my legs. I could be a star kickboxer if strength was all you needed. Unfortunately for my fighting career, you also need a little thing called coordination.

Lack of coordination is also why when stretching my leg in bed this morning, I kicked a metal radiator at full strength.

It hurt!

I realize that there are a few hurdles to the donating my body to science plan. First, why would scientists X-ray me to see how many bones I broke?

They are more likely to check out my irascible stomach. When my nutritionist heard how long my stomach has been out of sorts, she said, "you should go as soon as you get an appt."

Second and maybe a bigger obstacle, I'd be dead. But at least my toe wouldn't hurt.

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