Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks, MetroAcccess, for wasting my afternoon

Several years ago, I read a story in the newspaper that talked about how odd it was that MetroAccess, the Washington area's para-transit service, required people with permanent disabilities to recertify every few years. As if we might get better.

A Metro official said at the time, "We are considering broader changes to the application and eligibility assessment process for the coming year." This was in May 2008.

Apparently, those changes did not involve removing the silly requirement that people who have MetroAccess and have permanent disabilities go in and answer the same type of questions the same way they did before.

Oh, but there were changes, to be sure. I had to go downtown for the process. They closed the more convenient office in Virginia.

My pickup window was 2-2:30 today, but because of all the rain I asked Mom to call and make sure it was still on. It was, but my window was now 2:15-2:45. Not sure when they planned to tell me this. Never, I guess, because I got no call from them until the ride showed up at work.

We got to the Metro office about 3 for my 3:30 appointment to get recertified.

On the way in, this woman said to me repeatedly, "God bless you for that dog." It seems like Claren is the one who is blessed for dealing with me. But whatever.

At the office, I was OK waiting. I had a book. It's a good thing it is a big book because I did not get in until about 4:15. I signed three papers, said what subway stations I use, got weighed (450 in my power chair) and got my photo taken for the ID, and then waited for my ride home.

We picked up another rider on the way home. That was cool. It seemed on the way home. Then I noticed we were right near my work again. "Huh," I thought, "I guess the other rider lives near my office." I was going home, not back to work -- this was confirmed.

Then we stopped in front of my building. I said I was supposed to go to another address, but told the driver to just let me out and I'd get home from there. I was so mad, but it wasn't the driver's fault and I hear too poorly to argue.

The subway was good -- the elevator was right there and the train seemed to be wait for me -- but then I got to my stop and pulled up to the elevator just as it opened and filled with people who were able to walk.

I left work about 2, got home about 6, was crabby all night, so thanks again, MetroAccess.

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