Monday, October 31, 2011

Cursing on an elevator

I am sure the subway elevators have security cameras, but I hope they do not record sounds because if they do, someone may have heard words I don't normally use.

In my defense, total idiots were involved.

I got to the elevator in time to see it heading up, with, I assume, people who could walk. But it came back fast enough and I got on.

Then a woman who appeared to have difficulty walking. Then two people who did not appear in need of an elevator. Then to our full elevator car, a fifth chuckle-head squeezed in.

When we got to the upper level, they shot off, leaving me to get out of the far back of the elevator, where I had been jammed. I did not get to the doors before they shut and the elevator headed down again.

That triggered the blue streak.


Anonymous said...

it is beyond infuriating

Anonymous said...

and another thing, it makes you lose faith in humanity.

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