Monday, October 10, 2011


I threw away my autograph of the Baltimore Orioles' mascot today.

Granted, it was just a scrap of paper with "The Bird" written on it, but I have had it for 31 years. I got it at my first Orioles' game.

It didn't take up any room really, but it was the idea of thinning out my stuff. I tossed a bunch of videotapes with stuff from TV, including the first Mad About You. I also am giving away my movie videotapes and a VCR. I an even planning to get rid of some toys and my Doc Savage books.

I just don't have room anymore. And even with the shrinking that took place today, I still have too much stuff. But how can I get rid of my original iMac or my baseball cards?

But I am kind of attached to my stuff. Next week, I may scribble "The Bird" on some paper just to have it back.


Anonymous said...

Bren was cleaning/re-arranging his room this weekend. He threw nothing away. It must run in families.

Anonymous said...

invite me over. i am queen of tossing.

Anonymous said...

SDT. Mom might make you come over and go through T's stuff at her house first. ;)

Anonymous said...

Not the Doc Savage books!!! Or the baseball cards! Downsizing makes me dizzy!

Matt Trott said...

And that, sdt, is why you will come nowhere near my stuff.

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