Saturday, October 22, 2011


OK, has everyone's head stopped itching? No, I'll wait.

I came back from a nice lunch and visit to the comic book store to finds the DTs (the new house) in full crisis mode. The nephew who had laid on my bed this morning had lice. (OK, I'll wait again till you all stop wigging out.)

A traveling lice technician/therapist/person came over and checked the other members of the household, except my brother-in-law who does not have enough to support a louse, and we all were clear but my nephew had a trying day.

I did, too. My comic book store forgot to pull my issues of Green Arrow for me, and even worse they subscribed me to Justice League International, not Justice League of America. Argh!

Also, I am on my backup Mac because I dropped my nice one and it started making sad noises.

How do I survive? Well, for starters I may go sit on my new toilet, which has a seat warmer and bidet.


Anonymous said...

and my poor poor sister is having a nervous breakdown...that was the most important part you forgot to mention.

Anonymous said...

You have a toilet warmer-jealous. Maybe joed needs the miked cut. so sorry.

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