Saturday, October 8, 2011

Out of service

I got out early on Friday, but I didn't get home till the normal time.

I got to my subway station, but no one was waiting for the elevators. Huh? Where were all my fellow elevator riders.

Then I saw the signs: The elevators were both broken.

It was a nice day so I started rolling.

And rolling. It turns out I missed one stop because I was on the wrong street. I finally saw the station I was headed to.

I got to that elevator: Out of order.

I gave up then, called Dad for a ride. But by then, it was rush hour so it took him a while to get there and a while to get home.

I still don't know how my other elevator users got home. I hope they had better luck than I. Oh wait, they probably just walked 20 yards to the stairs.


Tony said...

You should subscribe to ELstat on the WMATA website. It won't solve all your elevator problems (trust me, I know!) but it is pretty good. I have it sent to my work email 15 minutes before I leave. Like I said, it's not perfect, but it is pretty good. It would have let you know Ballston and Clarendon were out.

Matt Trott said...

Got elstat today, thanks. It may have saved me. It said the West Falls Church elevator was out so I got off at efc.

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