Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where are they at?

When Velma drops her glasses, she acts like she can't see at all, scrabbles around on the ground and is eventually handed them by the spooky Flying Dutchman, who is really Old Man Conroy in disguise.

I drop my glasses, too, but unlike the star of Scooby Doo, I am neither blind nor able to feel around on the ground to hunt for them.

And my big fear is not being gotten by a ghost but running my glasses over with my wheelchair.

That is why I called my sister (and new housemate) into the bathroom this morning. I dropped my glasses on the shower floor and they blended right in.

She found them, though, no problem. And she wasn't too scary.


Anonymous said...

I have brand new glasses this week because I dropped my glasses as I was getting into my car and then ran over them. You're lucky to have EJD. Poor me....

Matt Trott said...

Should you be driving if you dropped your glasses?

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