Monday, November 14, 2011

Constant companions

The workers building our new house apparently left behind some roofing materials, and now I have them -- shingles, that is.

At least that is what my nurse practitioner assumes. I apparently do not have traditional-looking shingles, but she diagnosed it from my description of the pain.

She said that illness and stress cause it, but she did not know what caused my case specifically. I told her that "illness and pain are my constant companions."

I was pretty tickled with that, but she just nodded.

So now I just have to deal with the pain and discomfort. That's OK, they're my constant companions, too.


Anonymous said...

well those companions suck...let's talk about finding some new ones.

I say no more new diseases in the new house...lice, shingles...


Anonymous said...

that stinks! Have an ice cream sundae with fixings. That will make you feel better.

WilyGuy said...

Someone should find it a little funny and I do. It takes a lot to have a good laugh at the hand life deals you. That said, shingles suck.


Anonymous said...

Shingles should be against the law. Hang in there...and this post was very poetic in its own way.

Matt Trott said...

No old diseases either!

My main problem with shingles, other than the pain, it is something old people get, and as you know I am a young blood.

Thanks, Scott. If I did not laugh, I would cry.

And how could it be poetic? It didn't rhyme.

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