Sunday, November 20, 2011

I don't feel thankful

It is Thanksgiving this week, but I am not feeling too thankful, more sad.

It isn't that I do not have many things to be thankful for, including a brother-in-law who is up on a ladder right now rewiring the light in my room.

I think it is like prayer: If I am going to thank God for things, I need to be able to blame God when things go awry. But that is not how prayer works. So I don't pray.

I mean I talk to God, asking over and over: WHY? Like why did I drive into a branch from a rose bush on my way home from Mom and Dad's. Sure, I ran into it because it was in my way, but how hard would it have been to bump my chair a little to the left?


Sandy G. said...

You have one hell of a fantastic family. I wish mine were a fraction as supportive.

Anonymous said...

you mean you are not thankful for the great T-shirts given to you by your brother and sister-in-law? You better be or no more gifts!
Guess who...........

Matt Trott said...

Oh they are supportive even ones who threaten to withhold gifts

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