Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I should have got off at East Falls Church

I think we have established that subway elevators are bitches.

Apparently the warnings about elevator outages suck, too. Their suckiness turned my half-hour commute into a miserable two-hour slog.

I checked my text alerts on the way home. It said the elevator going the other way was out at the West Falls Church station. There was a running announcement on the train, but I suspect even hearing people find it challenging to decipher train talk. I stuck with the text alert, and it didn't mention any issues, so I stayed on the train...

And got to West Falls Church to find the elevator I needed out of order, in addition to the one for trains going the other way.

A kind woman got the station manager for me after she took a picture of Claren. He told me that the elevator was out.

I called Dad and explained the situation, and he said he;d meet me at the next stop. I went to the next stop and waited. But he went to the next next stop, so eventually I got on the train again and went to the next stop, met Dad and got home.

What I did learn, other than to never trust the texts, was that the elevators that are painfully out of the way are -- shickingly -- unused.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's EB. Metro elevators/escalators are such an embarrassment. There's basically a blog devoted to it:

Anonymous said...

you can have an entire blog devoted to Metro issues. It is just ridiculous and infuriating especially after a long day of work. But then I go to New York City and yearn to come back to the Metro and sidewalks of Washington and Virginia.

Matt Trott said...

I am going to remember that blog next time, EB. Thanks.

I made a subway tag for Metro issues. I didn't use elevator because I am mulling over another issue.

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