Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saved by a tooth

I suspect it is because I am tired, but the commute home holds innumerable ways to really piss me off.

There are the walkers who use elevators and crowd me in. Granted, one or two could have an invisible disability, but most of them are just lazy jerks.

I missed the train I normally ride, maybe because I left work a little late or maybe because people held up the elevator.

Then I missed the next train. No, I didn't miss it; I couldn't get on. Not because there was no room, but because instead of moving to the center of the car as they are supposed to do, most people congregate round the doors -- you know, the space for wheelchairs.

I honestly don't get this very popular move. It saves maybe 10 seconds. There us more space, for wheelchairs, strollers or people who need it. And needing to stretch out and read your Kindle is not an acceptable need.

I finally got the next train and got out to the parking lot where Mom was waiting. I couldn't get to her, though, because this numb-nuts blocked the ramp with their truck. Then they stopped and stared and pointed at Claren, instead of moving the F--- out of the way.

This pissed-off mood continued until my 8-year-old niece came down out of bed, worried she had cracked her loose tooth. She was reassured and went to bed for 15 seconds before coming back to say she pulled the tooth out. On the way downstairs, though, she lost the tooth.

It all cracked me up.


Anonymous said...

there is no way to be in a bad mood around Katherine and Joe. You are a lucky guy! There are days when I have such a bad day I almost think of coming over just to see them so I can be smiling again :-)

"Susan Says..." said...

Your tales of the commute are very disheartening and make me lose further faith in the intelligence and human decency of my fellow man. Phooey.

But I'm glad the tooth "saved" you.

Matt Trott said...

Yes, commuters make you lose hope, but then there is my niece and nephew to make me optimistic.

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