Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A good day, I guess

Today was full off so many things that were good or bad depending on how you view them.

First, I breathed heavily and for some reason that launched me into the PC tower on my desk. I almost started crying it hurt so much and shocked me. I took the brunt on the tip of my nose and my upper lip. I tentatively reached my hand up, fearing it would come away bloody. Fortunately, it came away clean. The small nose bleed did not start till a few minutes later. And my nose still hurts and coughs up a little blood now and then.

But this injury could be taken as bad or good. Bad because it happened, but good because of the placement. Much higher and my nose and glasses would have broken. Much lower and I think my front teeth would have been at least chipped.

After that I had a good holiday party lunch. Nothing bad there, except I got wine for my gift and I don't drink. But it is a very cool label.

Then I went to the hand doctor. A long wait, but it turns out my finger is not broken. Unfortunately, the doctor wasn't sure what was wrong, but her hypothesis was good. She thinks that I strained the muscle between my pinky and ring finger and that it keeps getting re-strained because my finger is not very strong thanks to Friedreich's ataxia. She suggested I tape it to the next finger and wait a few months.

See? Good it wasn't broken. Not good that we don't know for sure what's wrong and that it'll take months.

I had dinner with someone else in a chair and it felt good to give her solid advice. But she joked about people whose instinct on seeing a problem is to curse. "Hey," I thought, "a little cursing never hurts"

I'm putting it in the good-day category but reserve the right to make changes as needed.


Anonymous said...

please,do not do away with the cursing. glad it was a good day. But bad weather.

Anonymous said...

I'd put it in the good day category, too. Definitely!

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