Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am amazing, but Claren deserves the credit

Claren got two gold stars for yesterday.

First, I went into the restroom, and the door to the wheelchair stall was closed. I went closer, though, and noticed that it wasn't locked or anything, so I figured it was unoccupied. I opened it and waited for Claren to go in, like she always does. She didn't, and only then did I hear the voice saying, "I'll be out in a minute."

I almost walked in on a co-worker!

At lunch, I went for a walk and after Claren did her business, I bent over to get it.

I heard this voice but didn't see anyone. Then this woman appeared -- she must have been across the street when she saw me -- and asked me if I wanted her to pick up the poop. I said no but thanks. She replied, I guess you do this a lot.

When I admitted I do pick up after Claren regularly, she said, "You are amazing." So just SUCK IT, low esteem.

Anyway, she then told me how she is always so happy when people help her. I agreed, but told her I didn't want to make anyone else pick up poop. Again she said, "You are amazing."

Let me point out here that she was quite a cutie.

She also told me that people in her neighborhood did not pick up after their dogs, and they weren't in chairs.

I considered asking if she lives in my neighborhood because I see the the guy across the street walk his dog but have never seen him with a bag. But I didn't.

I remembered this scene from Spider-Man that includes the line "You are amazing." My encounter did not end as well.

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