Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's not my Wii skills my nephew likes

In his own odd little way, my nephew is looking out for me.

Last night, he, his dad and I left a family party at Mom and Dad's early and came home. He and I were playing Wii while my brother-in-law was downstairs in the basement.

I was drinking tea and all of a sudden had to go to the bathroom rather urgently. I made it to the bathroom but just to the bathroom, not the toilet.

With no one in the house but my 7-year-old nephew and brother-in-law, I decided to change my clothes myself. I transferred to my shower chair, got undressed and wheeled to my clothes bins to get some clean clothes.

I am not sure how long he was there, but at that point I heard my nephew from my open doorway if I had taken a shower. I told him no, and he asked, well, why don't you have pants on? I told him I had a little accident and needed to change but was OK.

I then heard him giving my brother-in-law a quick recap and telling him I didn't need help.

At that point my sister came in and helped with the cleanup, so I still didn't do anything on my own.

I want to say my nephew came hunting for me because he needed my Wii skills, but I am the worst Wii player in history. He must like me.


Anonymous said...

well duh

Matt Trott said...

We decided tonight that II am the best die-r at wii.

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