Monday, February 27, 2012

Up too early

On weekends, I get up at 6:15 to feed Claren and am back in bed by 6:25 and asleep by 6:26.


Yesterday, I got up and was getting Claren her pill when I dropped the pill bottle. Only about 10 pills fell out, so even though my fine motor skills are next to zero, I picked them up. I didn't want to wake anyone up ... I could do this. It would just take a while.

I got them picked up, but all the bending made me have to use the bathroom. I did, no problem, but somehow when I was reaching to flush I slipped.

Thankfully I wasn't hurt and there are so many bars in my bathroom, I knew I'd be OK. But I also knew I should probably get some help since it was me on the floor, not just some pills.

Unfortunately, my phone was not in my chair because it was being recharged. I had Claren bark a few times, but my door was closed and we were in the bathroom.

When no one came, I looked  around and saw I was sitting on my slippers. I got them on and pulled myself up.

I got back to bed at 6:50, right as my brother-in-law checked in on me.

I was not asleep by 6:51, though. I was too mad to sleep ... at least until 6:53.

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